Seema Steffany

Founder and President

Phone: 971-242-4062  


Seema founded Project Never Again based on her passion for children in foster care, as well as her own experiences as a child.  While working in both the private and public sector, Seema has been very successful at building teams and using that skill to promote advocacy for children who have experienced grief and emotional trauma.  Seema has a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science and a Masters Degree in Human Services, and has used her education, work and life experiences to start Project Never Again.  She enjoys the outdoors, reading and loves traveling with her husband.

Alex Collins

Events & Volunteer Specialist

Phone: 971-242-4062


Vibrant, detailed, amiable, compassionate...just a few superlatives to describe Alex.  With a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and her work experience in the public sector, she embraces opportunities to make a difference and thrives in her role through community engagement. Alex loves spending time with her husband, family and friends.  She also enjoys everything outdoors, including hiking and camping.

Lynn Castillo


Phone: 971-242-4062


With an extensive background in the Finance industry, Lynn applies her financial acumen for the good of Project Never Again.  Coupled with her passion for helping children, Lynn contributes to the growth of the organization, while maintaining a sense of accountability.  During her free time, Lynn enjoys working out, traveling, and spending time with her two dogs.

Judy Armstrong

Events and Volunteer Specialist

Phone: 503.341.7515


Judy worked in the banking industry for 41 years, where one of her responsibilities was managing a team of 70 employees.  Judy also brings her personal experience in the foster care system, which helps to drive the passion she has to help children in foster care.  Judy is also active on the mission fields, devoting her time and Faith on several Mission trips abroad, where she is able to live out her God-given purpose of serving and reaching those in need. 

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"Compassion is the ultimate expression

of your highest self "

Russell Simmons