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Children in foster care endure traumatic experiences beyond their control. Fear, anger and feelings of loss are common emotions attached to a child’s foster care journey. When they move between homes, they often have their belongings placed in trash bags. The stigma of using trash bags is an unfortunate addition to their experiences and can leave a child feeling humiliated and scarred for life.

Our Founder's similar journey through  childhood grief and foster care as a child resonates through this nonprofit. Years have passed by but the pain and loneliness she felt continues to break a piece of her heart.



So, how can a duffel bag help?  A duffel bag may not stop their world from falling apart, but it can capture their dignity as they cling to hope. No child ever envisions a life without their parents or being homeless for that matter, but life happens!

Through this organization, we will strive to ensure that children never again have to experience the pain of carrying trash bags to their foster homes. Standing alongside other foster care organizations, we will advocate for the youngest citizens of our communities.


Let us be a community that embraces the challenge of making a difference in young lives who are possibly at the most vulnerable point in their lives.  Together, we can make Oregon a State where children NEVER AGAIN have to carry their belongings in trash bags!!! 


Listen to our Founders interview on iHeart Radio further explaining what rests at the heart of Project Never Again. 

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